Fifty years ago, while doing graduate research in Guatemala for a Masters in Latin American Studies from The University of Texas at Austin, I spent almost all my time photographing the countryside and the people on the eve of La Violencia.  My dream was to be a National Geographic photographer, but I didn't know how.  My photos and my dream went into a box.


Forty years ago, after the Army, while teaching and working on a dissertation in environmental studies at UT , I spent almost all my time crawling in and along Barton Creek in Austin doing macro nature photography.  I still wanted to be a photographer but didn't know how.  My photos and my dream went into the same box.


I never did finish that dissertation.  I had a long career teaching, then raising major gifts for educational institutions, a botanic garden and an art museum, and raising three successful sons, much of the time as a single dad.  The box lived in a series of garages.


I am retired now.  I don't have to "make a living" from my passion.  I opened the box and miraculously my dreams and a surprising number of my photos had survived the detour.