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This group of photographs was taken in the mid-1970's crawling in and along Barton Creek in Austin, Texas, when I was supposed to be writing my dissertation. They were shot primarily on KodachromeX with a Pentax Spotmatic and extension tubes. They miraculously survived in a cardboard box in a series of garages for almost half a century. I just recently digitized many of the survivors and share them here with you.
Young Leopard FrogCardinal FlowerTexas Garter SnakeSmall, Shedding and ShyWolf SpiderSpider WebBee At WorkSeed Head with DewTexas Spiny LizardPoppy SeedLadybug Courtship DanceDamselfly in ProfileCurious Water SnakeGrasshopper LoveYoung PossumWalking StickWillow ShootDefying GravityBlade of GrassBlack Jumping Spider